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About us

Wedding photojournalism and personal storytelling are what we do. Our approach is the same if we are documenting your wedding or family either with photography or with videography. We want to be your personal family historians.


When we say we are wedding photojournalists, we mean that in the truest sense of the word. The background  journalism has influenced our overriding goal to bring an honest, truthful and unbiased approach to capturing your wedding day. That means every laugh, every tear, every fist bump and story told are not fabricated. When wedding photographs show real moments, and wedding videos show the real motions– that is when they will resonate through your life, and the lives of those that come after us.


We feel, as wedding photojournalists rather than merely wedding photographers, that your actual wedding is more important than spending hours running around getting scenic photos. Your wedding day is not a photo shoot. The goal of our work is to tell the story of you, your loved ones and your relationships. Focusing on the real life happening throughout the day creates space for us to be present and capture moments that you do not expect. Moments that are the most real. When we are not bogged down by time consuming photography or video tasks, it allows you and your family to be completely present– which really is the most important thing.


Our goal is for you to forget about the traditional roles of photographer and videographer and enjoy the moments with those loved ones who have made great effort to be with you on your wedding day. We make that happen, and we do it while still making great family and bridal portraits in minimal time.


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London - Bournemouth

Dissandro Santos

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Gabriela Arantes

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Portugal - Porto

Luanna Cordeiro

Email: lc@dphotographyanddesign.com             Phone:  +351   915  21 7760

Brazil - Rio de Janeiro

Jane Medeiros

Email: jm@dphotographyanddesign.com             Phone:  +22  999 91 5933